Smith Dental - Overcharging

Tyler, Texas 0 comments

I sent my son in for a simple semi-annual teeth cleaning. We had dental insurance and I wanted to get it in before the first of the year. He called me later and said he had to make a payment of $261. When I asked what for, he said they had to do a deep cleaning. While a normal cleaning was $90, the next step up was much more expensive. I thought this was an awful lot for a cleaning having never paid over $100 for any type of cleaning in the past. He brought home a statement for $434 of which they billed the insurance company $173. I obviously thought this was even worse.

I called the dental office and they explained that a deep cleaning was necessary and we only received the medium level and there was a more extensive procedure that we could have had. As guarantor of the bill, I asked why I wasn't called to approve this. The girl said that normally they do and wasn't sure why it didn't happen. She offered no other explanation and no concession. I told her I believed we were taken advantage of in this situation and cancelled all future appointments. I received a letter about a week later showing me what work had been done. Before and after pictures were included. Honestly, I saw very little difference in the two, certainly not $434 worth. I truly believe that we were overcharged and taken advantage of in this situation. If they had made any gesture toward addressing my complaint, I would have never posted this note. All they did was make excuses.

It's a shame when greed takes the place of good old fashioned customer service and transparency. I'll never use this dentist again and will let everyone I know about what happened.

We had another problem with this dentist's policies earlier this year. My son went in to have his wisdom teeth removed. They required us to pay the entire amount up front and they billed the insurance. I thought this was a little unusual but went ahead with it anyway.

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